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EAUME BOARD : A question of balance

At first glance, the Eau-Me Board looks like a classic balance board. However, with its rounded, almost cone-shaped base and the unique presence of water, training will become a real challenge!
The Eau-Me Board is a patented new generation balance plate that combines the classic work of balance with the movement of water. Used regularly, it improves physical condition and balance while taking care of the joints.
It makes the user work thanks to its constantly unstable and changing rounded base, thus forcing the body to react to each tilt. The compensatory movements of the user activate the deep muscular system while the body responds to continuous impulses. The main difference from conventional balance plates is the use of water with the Water-Me Board. The water in the tank follows its own will and therefore works against the user. The result: the volume of water changes direction with each movement of the user.
No regular pattern can be practiced or memorized - the body must then have an immediate reaction to the random movements of the water.
Suitable for all ages and can be used at home, in the office or in a studio.

Why work on balance?

Balance board exercises improve your coordination and sense of balance. The multitude of small compensating movements that you are forced to perform engages your deep muscles, conditioning your movements and your overall stability.
Using the balance board engages your abdominal muscles, automatically improves posture, and even actively helps prevent back pain.

What are the exercises to perform?

The first objective of the exercises on the EauMe Board is simply to stay upright while maintaining your balance, which already requires a lot of skills. Keeping the plateau stable and balanced may require more training for some.
When you master your balance on the EauMe Board, challenge yourself by adding dumbbells or a balance bar, try performing squats or take a standing position on one leg during your workout.
A session on the EauMe Board is not lacking in variety and is never boring!
The EauMe Board is also used to increase the difficulty of muscle building and gaining exercise. Take the example of classic pumps: start by placing your hands on either side of the Water-Me Board, keep your back straight and your body engaged. Slowly lower your body toward the Water-Me Board while maintaining balance - a great exercise for strengthening the muscles in the arms, trunk and back.

Base : real plywood.
Tank : 
durable polycarbonate
Diameter : 
64 cm
Height : 18 cm
Weight :7,5 kg.
Max.weight user : 250 kg.
Max filling : 6,5 l.

Delivered in 1 box:
Dimensions box 1 : 67 x 65 x 19 cm - Weight: 10kg