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X9 chrome - Iperespresso coffee machine

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The Francis Francis X9 Iperespresso is a real design gem, transformed into an espresso machine. Its elliptical shape and its calism is matched only by the perfection of the resulting illy espresso.

The quality of the X9 machine is reflected in its simplicity: all the functional elements are positioned on the front of the machine for practical and intuitive use. It is possible to program two different volumes (espresso and lungo), while an LED lights up your cup during the preparation of coffee.

Iperespresso illy is the new generation espresso. At the heart of this system is the coffee capsule, a real extraction chamber that enhances the body and the aroma of coffee. Inside the capsule, 6.7g of the unique illy 100% Arabica blend. Protected by 5 patents, the Iperespresso capsule makes it possible to reproduce all the stages of the preparation of an Italian espresso in the rules of the art, as a real barista would do. Grinding, grammage, tamping, infusion, everything is expertly studied for a result worthy of the best bars in Italy, with ease, at home.

Dimensions: 12,3 x 26,9 x2 6,7 (cm)